Hypothetical Restructuring Of Nigeria

Hypothetically, If I had any say in how Nigeria should be governed. I will ensure that the different tribes are represented justly. A United Nigeria with 5 provinces and its capital. Northern, Western, Southern, Eastern, Central Provinces and Abuja.


Leaders of the United Nigeria

  • Northern Province – Premier & Emir, Sultan of Sokoto,…
  • Western Province – Premier & Ooni, Oba of Lagos, Olubadan of Ibadan, Alaafin of Oyo,
  • Southern Province – Premier &  Olu of Itsekiri/Warri, …
  • Eastern Province – Premier & Dien, Obi of Onitsha, …
  • Central Province – Premier & Oba of Benin, …
  • F.C.T – Prime Premier & Provincial Representatives.


Cities and Capitals of each Province


North  North North Western Southern Eastern Central F.C.T
Kebbi Adamawa Jigawa Ekiti Akwa-Ibom Abia Benue Abuja
Kwara Bauchi Kaduna Lagos Bayelsa Anambra Delta
Niger Borno Kano Ogun Cross-Rivers Ebonyi Edo
Sokoto Gombe Katsina Ondo Rivers Enugu Kogi
Zamfara Taraba Nasarawa Osun Imo
Yobe Plateau Oyo

Capitals of each province are BOLD.

Each provincial Capital will be run by a Provincial Premier. Only Indigenes of a province can become Premiers following just elections.

The F.C.T will be run by a Prime Premier. A Prime Premier must have the following:

  1. Been a Provincial Premier for two terms.
  2. Have a track record of at least 3 years of provincial economic growth.

Each term will last for 6 years.

In 1960 – 1963 Nigeria was demarcated into three different regions, The Northern Region, Eastern Region and the Western Region. Between 1963 – 1967 a new region was added to the mix, a region called the mid-western region. After 1967, more states were created from 12 states to 19 and then 21 by 1991. And between 1991 and 2016 the number of states increased to 30 and then to 36. These newly created states need to be reevaluated based on specific criteria. States that meet the criteria should absorb neighbouring states that do not.

A situation where a state cannot generate enough income to pay for its expenses month after month is unacceptable. The cost will need to be reduced, starting with it’s House of Representatives.


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