What choice do I have?

There are certain issues in life that bug me a whole lot, half of the issues relate to decisions. For the longest time, I have been against free will, and the need to make decisions either good or bad.

Someone I talk to every day utters phrases like “freedom within limits” “you always have a choice”, those phrases get me worked up.

Let’s take freedom within limits for example, the word freedom to my own understanding means to be free of all kinds of domination or a realm of total freeness. When … within limits is added to the word freedom, correct me if I am wrong, but that does not seem like freedom anymore.

Now to the latter you always have a choice, that may be the case but there is always the wrong choice. Most times we try our possible best to make the right choices in each scenario we are faced with. So technically we want to choose the right choice and to us, that choice is the only one that makes logical sense.

Say for example, A gets his drivers license and then a car with a speedometer of the car goes up to X+120 km/hr. A can decide to go anywhere between 0 – X+120 km/hr. But in most societies the speed limit is X. A can choose to drive as fast as A wants but the authorities will not stand for it, taking away A’s freedom, or choice.

So tell me, Felicia S., what choice did I have? I wanted you but you did not want me.


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