Slim Chances For A 2nd Term For Buhari?

While browsing through the Punch Newspaper’s website, I came across an article with the title “South East should have a go at Nigeria’s Presidency – Obasanjo”

With that and the state of Nigeria currently, according to the videos, texts and images available to an overseas blogger like me, I sincerely doubt that the current administration will be given another trial to fix the economy, whether it was their fault or not.

According to all forms of intellectual statistics available to humanity about how literate Nigerians are, trying to be logical to the poor majority during the 2019 election period will be lovely to watch and report on.

I saw a video on Facebook where the Vice-President was explaining to a Nigerian man who asked him why the price of rice had increased exponentially, he tried to tell a non-wealthy Nigerian to stay hungry and broke a little longer will their administration fixes the issues facing the Country.

Tell me do you think that particular fellow will vote for him and President Buhari to remain in power if things do not “Change” by the next election. See what I did there? 🙂

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