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One evening when I was 14 years old and home for a mid-term break, my mother brought a Mitsubishi Eclipse home. She said the car will be mine if and only if I did excellently well in my S.S.C.E. exams. I was a little boy who grew up in Okota, Isolo, so no boy my age within 10km of the house I grew up in had a car.

The amazing part of that night was that she placed the keys of the car in her wardrobe, not too high away from my reach. Needless to say, the remaining part of my midterm break was literally spent in the car.

Let me tell you my daily schedule throughout that particular midterm break:

I woke up before everyone, went to my mother’s wardrobe, took the keys, got into the car, listened to the radio, pushed on the accelerator and brake with my feet and imagined I was a race car driver. All of that happened for thirty five minutes ‘til my mother was ready to go to work. While I was growing up, my father instructed me to solve two chapters of my New General Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools daily. Every morning when my mum was about to leave, she reminded me about my mathematics sums.

For some reason unknown to me then, I did not mind solving the questions as long as I got to do them in the car, sometimes I did more math sums than required. Before the end of our mid-term break I had solved enough of the textbook to be that annoying kid in my mathematics class. Soon enough, playing music, pretending to be driving and solving math in the car did not cut it any more. I was a peacock and I had to fly, I had to drive the car.

My midterm break was almost over and I had one more day with the car, so I moved the car forward and reversed it a little, but that still was not enough for the desperate peacock who had to fly. In order to fly, I waited patiently ‘til the gateman went to shower. Once he left, I took the car out into the Estate and drove to the next street, everyone saw me driving the car and boom, my street credibility went off the charts. In about an hour my pumping adrenaline had depleted and my next stop was the house.

By the time I got back, the retired soldier gateman of ours was outside waiting for me shouting, “I go tell daddy, Why did you drive your papa car?” At that point, I could not have cared less, I just wanted to drive in and call all my friends to talk about my midterm break escapades.

But that was not all that happened that midterm break. For some weird reason, my parents came back late that day so I felt the need to drive some more. I decided to reverse the car the way my father reverses the car out of the house and before I knew it, screeech! I had scratched the car against the wall.

Not knowing what to do, I moved the car back to it’s original spot and ran into the house, straight to my room and closed the door. I wondered why I had to go drive the car again and why It happened a day before returning to boarding house. I did not know when I converted into an MFM prayer warrior, I prayed and prayed, rolled on the ground and spoke in tongues. Tell me why my solution was to go paint the part of the car that had scratched off with my Mon Ami poster color?

The following day came and the driver took me to boarding school. Everyone was happy. I had completed my first artistic masterpiece and no one found out about it until it rained the following week.

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